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Hey there, what is your expertise? Have you written a book about it, are you coaching and growing people with it? Do you already offer it online, bringing you scalable and recurring revenues?

We are crazy about software and with our platform we partnered with Kees, Brendan, Kiki, Rijn, all people just like you who wanted to share and sell their knowledge. They are now offering their scans, assessments or microlearning app globally. Easy. And they gather valuable data. Can we help you too, materializing your expertise?

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It’s our mission and ambition to make the world a better place by helping people, teams and organizations in their growth and development. How do we do that? With our scans and assessments to find out where people stand and micro-learning to help them grow a step each day. Take a look by clicking on a module!


Esperto Assessment enables to market your knowledge model. Start using assessments to share your expertise. With online questionnaires and a dynamic well-defined, designed report. The process flow is easy automated with a sales platform and intuitive dashboards. Use the Esperto Marketplace to use other knowledge models and compare your data. Now you can grow your business globally.

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We bring and keep the knowledge of your customers up2date in a personal and playful way. GoTom generates personal and playful questionnaires for your customers from a rich knowledge library. Every day we distribute the pieces of knowledge mobile and online to the employees of your customers. The knowledge of the employees of your customers is therefore always up2date.

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Share your development

The core of Esperto lies in partnerships. Your expertise, whether it’s in scaling companies, professionalism of doctors, employee/client satisfaction or whatever else, can seamlessly be shared with your followers using the Esperto platform. Together we build, exploit and share.

Amsterdam UMC

Esperto helps Amsterdam UMC to evaluate the functioning and performance of doctors easily, safely and scientifically. Information about performance is systematically collected. Esperto then ensures that all collected feedback on the performance of medical specialists is summarized in attractive reports. Insight into this performance leads to reflection, conversations and possible change. This enables the medical specialist to continuously develop processes.

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Omring provides care and support to those who need it. From care at home to specialized nursing in one of the 26 residential care locations.

With the Omring KennisKwis employees are challenged to answer healthcare-related questions. We support the growth of health care knowledge. All the questions are ordered. In this way you have insight into different categories as a care provider. It tells you which categories you are strong at and where you can improve the knowledge.

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